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PalletCentral • March-April 2020 13 PalletCentral • March-April 2020 13 In these challenging times, the pallet manufacturers who continue to operate safely and efficiently will continue to play a particularly crucial role. Some industries like trucking are more visible to most Americans. While pallets are relatively unseen, they move 94% of the goods produced in this country. Goods that we depend on for times like these, such as: • Chemicals required for medicines and food packaging • Home, office, and industrial cleaning and disinfecting products • Supply products that support manufacturing and production • Food and beverages • Retail products that end up on store shelves, such as toilet paper, paper towels, packaging for products in grocery stores • Medical supplies; N95masks, face shields, ventilators. We all share goals that will slow the spread of the virus, limit the fatality rate, and position the nation to come out of this crisis stronger than before. Progress hinges on shared sacrifices and many aggressive public policy measures, like staying at home, social distancing, and washing our hands more frequently. When the pandemic subsides, without a vaccine, there is still the need to be vigilant and observant of these protocols. Through weekly NWPCA government affairs conference call briefings, we know that folks are continuing to operate. We also know that there will be hurdles. We are working in real-time, and changes are happening daily. As you read this article in print, the world may be a very different place than when it was written. To this effort, the NWPCA is continually updating its COVID-19 Resource Hub on our website at As we continue to battle this pandemic, remember to praise your front-line employees. Thank them. Remind your colleagues and staff that they are the unsung heroes and that they are contributing to a greater cause. What the future holds, we don't know. We do know that working-together- works, and we're all in this together. Patrick Atagi is vice president, advocacy and external affairs at NWPCA. He also serves as executive director of the NWPCA PAC. He may be reached at 703.519.6104 or patagi@

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