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PalletCentral • March-April 2020 37 This is a tremendous victory for the industry. It recognizes the critical role that clean wood pallet residuals play in moving our country away from fossil-fuel dependence while maximizing the carbon-friendly lifecycle that these products provide. EPA, from Administrator, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator, and staff levels. We were able to stay on top of the issue and ensure it continued to move forward. This was also a major talking point of the NWPCA Congressional Fly-In last year. As an interesting aside, Congressional staff and Members of Congress were fascinated by the issue. It was bi-partisan and a reason why many members came to Washington, DC, to fix this type of problem. We thank all the members who came to work this issue last year. NWPCA also engaged one a revenue stream for these residuals, many companies pay a disposal fee, while also contemplating reduced work hours, jobs, and production. The maddening wheel of government – While the end result was positive, the massive machinery of government was a major hurdle. Furthermore, the NWPCA faced little to no opposition to our suggested change. So why wasn't this easy? Because change requires a lot of people to say its ok to make the change. NWPCA had to work the issue from the head of the EPA, Administrator Wheeler, to career staff level, political appointees, office of the general counsel of EPA, and Members of Congress. We needed sign-off from all levels, plus the time and energy from EPA staff to move this through the process. It also required Congressional pressure to show this was a priority issue and essential. This was a clear case of: "If a tree falls in the woods, does anybody hear it fall?" This frequently happens in Washington, DC, where groups get an "Ok, yes" from the top levels of government, but fail to get the worker bees to move the paper and keep the process moving. The NWPCA has solid connections throughout

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