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22 PalletCentral • November-December 2020 our workplace. Our innovativeness comes into play in making these new adaptations as acceptable and comfortable for staff members. We've incorporated a blend between office work hours and work from home for our associates during this time of change and uneasiness. FALM has also undergone COVID training for its staff members, we've conducted special COVID cleaning for our office, and our corporate building is fairly deserted. John Lieber, President, Profile Technology The last eight months have been exasperating for everyone and they have been especially challenging for business owners who are trying to keep employees safe while still conducting business as efficiently as possible. In addition to keeping visitors and delivery personnel isolated in our waiting areas and converting our conference room into two workstations, we are utilizing two air handling modifications to reduce COVID contamination in our office and shop environments. In our office area we have added a special Air Scrubber UV Light/Ozone Filter into the office HVAC system. This is the same type of filters that hospitals use to sanitize airborne particulates and aerosols like COVID. These inexpensive filters basically scrub the air of most of the contaminants and are designed to be changed annually. We are also using a second filtering or air replacement system in our shop HVAC system. This filter is called an Economizer and is designed for rooftop or large ground mounted HVAC Systems for shops and warehouses. These systems are designed to add air to the building by replacing inside air with outside clean air. This type of air transfer system does not significantly affect the temperature in the building so there is no effect on heating or cooling costs. These units are most productive in warm climates but can help in all climates to help reduce the spread of COVID by replacing air in the building on a metered basis.

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