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By Glenn Meeks, Editor – Nature's Packaging The Value Driven, Green Supply Chain Wooden Pallets bring a "Greening" option to your customers. 34 PalletCentral • September-October 2022 T he whole world is more aware of the supply chain than they have ever been before. Pandemic-induced disruptions brought attention to the complexity of supply chains. Most people didn't realize the impact of conditions in faraway places on the products they buy. Climate change brought more attention to the sustainability and environmental impact of supply chains. e combination brought worldwide scrutiny to this historically overlooked essential underpinning of the global economy. As we face a change in the methodology of supply chain operations and the increasing demand for more sustainable practices, businesses are looking at greening the supply chain. But what does it mean? Greening the Supply Chain e phrase, "greening the supply chain," often refers to practices that reduce the environmental impact of each step in a supply chain. But it can also encompass health and safety, societal impacts, and quality-of-life issues. e degree to which sustainability programs and practices could be applied in a supply chain were originally thought to be based on the complexity of operations and where astute management could enable a more hands-on approach. However, the reality is that supply chains are a collaborative effort and no one company can lay claim to a singular approach that functions effectively. The Green Supply Chain A greener supply chain isn't only about environ- mental impact. It's also about saving resources and money for your business. And it's about fortifying weak links in the chain to encourage more resilience in the face of external disruption. Consumers are demanding greater environmental responsibility from corporations. Using sustainable practices at a company headquarters is a beginning step, but suppliers and partners have to be involved and invested in the practice as well. Some industries that work in the supply chain operations are automatically inclined to increase sustainability practices through their business model. e wooden

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