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When the palletized stone reaches its destination, it is unloaded with either a boom crane, forklift, pallet jack, front loader or similar jacking device. It is then taken to the job site for which it is destined and dismantled by hand. Even when the mesh wire or banding is removed, the stone stacks hold together. They must be taken apart by hand, stone by stone, another labor-intensive step in the process. Area coverage per pallet varies according to the type and quality of the stone. Reputable landscape architects and designers choose their material very carefully. "You can see when they start a new property versus when they are at the end of a job," Jones says. "As they get to the end, the stone looks choppy, irregular. It has a different color and quality." For this reason, he hand picks the pallets he wants and spray paints them to identify the ones he has selected. The next time you relax on a beautiful stone patio, kick back in front of a glowing stone fireplace, marvel at a finely crafted stone wall or bench, or admire the artistry that went into creating a picturesque outdoor room or stonescaped garden, think of it first as a tribute to nature's grace and elegance. Then consider the painstaking work, the engineering skill and the meticulous craftsmanship that went into transforming a simple pile of rocks into a beautiful, functional feature that will last for many years to come. PC 16 PalletCentral March-April 2014 How Many Stones Fit on a Pallet? The bigger question is how heavy are the stones? The number of stones will vary greatly based on the size and shape of rocks. However, the load in this sample schematic weighs roughly 3000 pounds and is 30 cubic meters in size. Designing a wooden pallet to meet this heavy load was made easier with the Pallet Design System™ software of NWPCA. Following are additional specifications of the pallet: • 48.00 x 40.00 • Stringer-Class • Double-Face Non-Reversible • 2-Way • Reusable • New Manufacture Leah Wheeler is a professional copywriter specializing in webwriting/SEO optimization, technical writing, arti- cles, blogs, marketing and business communications. She can be reached at 480-275-7011 or leahwheeler

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