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18 PalletCentral March-April 2014 ooden pallets can be recycled many times over. At some point though their cargo- carrying days are over. However, that is not the end of the line. It is actually the beginning of a new life cycle for a different product: hardwood mulch. An estimated 32 million yards of mulch are produced annually, providing a large market for an important by-product of recycled pallets. The mulch business, and a growing biomass and wood pellet market are quickly helping the industry approach the goal of zero wood waste to landfills. It doesn't hurt that wood chips from recycled pallets are increasingly the preferred choice of arborists. A 1990 study evaluated the landscape mulch potential of 15 organic materials, including wood chips. Wood chips were one of the best performers in terms of moisture retention, temperature moderation, weed control and sustainability. Coarse textured organic mulches, like wood chips, are also the least flammable of the organic mulches. "Wood chips are available locally in many communities. Most sources are … made from recycled pallets and other discarded wood products. It is an ideal Master Gardener- recommended product." Master Gardener 2007 Another key driver for the growing mulch market has been the surge in demand for colored mulch. Consumer demand, specifically for an opportunity to add a low-cost, high-impact curb appeal design statement to their home, has helped the colored mulch market grow during a very challenging residential market. The color preference varies by region with the primary earth tone colors of red, light and dark brown, and black in most demand. The wooden packaging industry is helping deliver innovative new products from wood waste, adding value to homeowners and improving the environment. Talk about an impressive life cycle. PC Pallets Move the World ® ® Before it's on your breakfast table, Before it's saving a life, Before it's teaching the ABC's, Before it's moving those you love, Before it's creating a home, Before it goes anywhere, It was on a wooden pallet. Every day, nearly 2 billion pallets are used in the U.S. alone. And with the growth of recycling playing an important role in extending the life cycle of the pallet, U.S. forests are now double their 1953 size. Pallets, wooden boxes and bins beyond reuse come back as mulch, as bedding, as fuel. In every home, in every business, the goods that keep us going, come to us on a wooden pallet. Pallets Move The World®. PC Script from the "Pallets Move the World ® " video released at NWPCA's Annual Leadership Conference on March 2, 2014. The one-minute video received nearly 400 "hits" in the first few days after the public release and clearly details the connection of pallets to our daily lives. Whether hardwood or softwood, international or domestic, block or stringer, wooden pallets truly do move the world and we are proud to help tell the story. Simply type in "Pallets Move The World ® " on YouTube to watch the video. Or you can access it through this url: – Let us know what you think! Pallets, wooden boxes and bins beyond reuse come back as mulch, as bedding, as fuel. Where Did That Mulch Come From? Mulch and Pallets: A Connected Life-Cycle W

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