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I would like to thank Mr. Wax for drawing attention to the very important issue of the health of our forests and their sustainability. The wooden packaging industry takes seriously the role we play in environmental conservation and share Mr. Wax's ideals of a growing and healthy forest environment with responsible global trade. I was pleased to see that Mr. Wax reported that the number of trees is increasing in the United States, and the growth is truly astounding. We have twice as many hardwoods in the U.S. as we had in 1953 [1], and we currently plant more softwood trees than are removed for production in every region of the U.S. [2]. Regardless of these facts, the most profound statistic regarding the state of U.S. forests is that the number one source of deforestation is not logging for wood production, but urban development [3]. But, solely looking at the overall growing population of trees doesn't tell the entire story. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), through the Forestry Resources Assessment Program, monitors the world's forests and their management on a regular basis. The last assessment was performed in 2010 and can be found via the following link: The United States report [4] reveals that between 1987 and 2007: • Forest area under an overall management plan increased by 12% WPCA recently responded to an article published in the Earth Island Journal on 10 January 2014, which contained significant misinformation regarding the environmental impact of wood packaging. We responded to the article to get the facts straight and help tell the story of why wood wins over other materials chosen for transport packaging. To that end, we will continue to look for opportunities to improve the profile of wood packaging from an environmental point of view. We encourage our readers to use any or all of the information presented in this letter as reference material where needed. 24 PalletCentral March-April 2014 N Wood Wins! COMMUNICATION

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