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While the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets and all PDS reports clearly warn against standing on pallets, we designed this skid specifically for these holiday helpers. However, if one were to reanalyze the pallet design for a flexible uniformly distributed load, the safe maximum load carrying capacity for the stacked condition would be 14,106 lbs. Clearly, the almost tenfold reduction in strength of the pallet illustrates why standing on pallets is dangerous and not recommended to be used in this way. Game On The Pallet Design System™ software can demonstrate the durability, strength and performance of any pallet considering its unit-load. So, what would our readers like to see palletized next? Be creative, share your thoughts with If your idea is selected, you will receive $100 and we'll mention you in the schematic in an upcoming PalletCentral. Interested in our last game? Turn to page 42 and learn who won $100 with the closest solution to: "How much cash can one high school chemistry teacher transport on a pallet?" Learn more about the Pallet Design System™ at or phone: 703-519-6104. Reindeer Pallet Specifications: 60.00 x 40.00 in. Stringer-class, 2-way, reusable, new manufacture Top deck: Nine boards, 5.5 in. wide and 11/16 in. thick Stringers: Three stringers, 3.5 in. high, 1.5 in. thick Species: Spruce pine fir (SPF Class 13), grade standard and better Design Aspects: 2 in. wing design to increase strength Beveled stringers for ease of movement Nine 5.5 in deckboards for increased coverage Load Information: Four point load, with symmetrical load points 10 in. from the end and 11 in. from the edge of the skid Max load carrying capacity for stacked 1 high: 1564 lbs Forklift support (60 in. fork tines): 3004 lbs PDS Ensures the Safe Transport of our Holiday Helpers After a long night of delivering toys all over the world, Santa used the Pallet Design System™ to create a special skid to transport Rudolph (Dancer and Prancer too) all safely back to the North Pole. After all, they richly deserved a day off! Assuming a reindeer weighs around 500 pounds, the pallet was designed to carry three times its weight, allowing the reindeer to stand on less than all four legs at once and push off the skid when loading and unloading. Nine-5.5 inch boards were used on the top deck to provide minimal board spacing (1- 5/16 in.) to ensure plenty of footing for Rudolph, as well as give him a comfortable resting pad if he were to choose to take a load off.

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