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36 PalletCentral • March-April 2015 here was standing room only to hear Steven S. Little, former president of three fast growing companies, talk about the "7 Irrefutable Rules of Business Growth." He is a much sought after speaker who regularly presents for some of the world's leading organizations, including UPS, Microsoft, FedEx, Bank of America, SunTrust Bank, National Realtors Association, and the National Sporting Goods Association. Little engaged the NWPCA audience with his real life story about the milkshake moment or "The Milkshake Rule." Little regularly tests hotels and their commitment to customers by ordering, after a long day of travel, a vanilla milkshake - which is rarely on the room service menu. "I've run that experiment about 50 times a year; 80% of the time, major hotel chains will get it wrong," said Little. In most cases the late night staff is motivated to please the customer, but "they are standing at a point-of-sale computer screen." If the screen doesn't show "milkshake," there's nothing they can do to make it exist." Little continues: Is there a blender in the kitchen? No, he says, and they can't make a milkshake. When asked to bring the following, "They will bring me the ice cream, milk, a long spoon, and a tall tumbler" and what I eventually get is a milkshake. Is the hotel staff stupid? The order taker isn't stupid, there's a stupid system." Little notes that as soon as your technology starts leading you around by the nose, your systems make you stupid. Think about where your staff is saying "no," and where it would be easier and better to say "yes." Here are Little's "7 Irrefutable Rules of Business Growth." 1. Sense of Purpose Purpose proceeds profits always. "Sense of purpose starts with you, the growth leader, and it permeates throughout" the organization. "It is never money. Money is a tremendous way to keep score – but it will not get you out of bed long-term. It is the byproduct of a greater calling." 2. Outstanding Market Intelligence Ability to recognize and adapt to fundamental change. Watch BUSINESS T A "Little" Bit About Business Growth

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