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42 PalletCentral • May-June 2015 DS is the most comprehensive pallet design software program on the market, providing the user with a variety of performance analysis options when designing a pallet. What you might not know is that a comprehensive resource is available within the software to help answer questions 24/7 regarding pallet design. The PDS User's Guide is built into the program and enables you to better meet a customer's needs, and ensure the software is being used to its fullest potential. The User's Guide is accessible in several ways, and readily available during the pallet design process. The first location is at the opening window in the "PDS - Start Dialog." From then on, PDS assistance is provided at a click of the box labeled "User's Guide" located at the bottom left of nearly every window of the design wizard. The User's Guide is also accessible through the help menu. When you open the User's Guide, you'll notice a familiar format, similar to many Windows-based programs, with tabs containing "Contents", "Index" and "Search." Entering keywords will help you find information on a variety of topics. A prime example demonstrating the usefulness of the User's Guide is fasteners. By scrolling down to "Fasteners" on the index tab and clicking on the topic, the user is provided a host of information that answers many common questions such as, what the specifications are, how to attain and input them into PDS. The same approach can be used to attain information on numerous topics involved in the pallet design process. In addition to offering help with a click, the PDS User's Guide can increase your knowledge in pallet design. PDS users are benefitting from this searchable resource to gain a wealth of information on a variety of topics, not just an area in which they got "stuck." While the guide is instrumental in getting the user "unstuck" and back on the road to design completion, pallet designers are finding that time spent with a click offers more than just design assistance. Employees themselves are becoming an even more valuable resource to their employer and their customers. P a p e r o n P a lle t S c h e m a t i c Copy paper is a high demand office supply that usually gets delivered to your favorite retailer on a pallet, shrunk-wrapped to protect the unit load, then shipped to an office for next day delivery. This copy paper pallet was designed to hold 40 boxes of paper, each box measuring 9"x 11.5" x 17.5". Each box of paper weighs approx. 50 lbs. for a total required load of 2000 lbs. Top deckboard spacing Pallet Design Help Is Just a Click Away P

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