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recently joined the staff of the NWPCA in the role of developing, strengthening and seeking out partnerships that will be of benefit to the wooden pallet industry. Those partnerships will include the suppliers of machinery/services and the raw materials that are necessary to meet the growing needs of the expanded demand for pallets. The partnership between hardwood lumber producers and wooden pallet manufacturers is crucial to both industries and of special significance to me due to my 40 years of hardwood lumber experience. With 40.5% of total hardwood production consumed by pallets, this relationship looks strong for the immediate future, and because of the forest resource, it will remain vital well beyond that. The grade and quality of lumber produced from a particular log is determined by mother nature, but the choice of the log utilized in the sawmill is based primarily on the markets. The market for veneer logs and worldwide demand has limited the size and quality of logs entering the sawmill, and sawmills are producing a higher percentage of industrial grade lumber. Hardwood Insights Pallet Industry Partnership Solid Due to the Forest Resource By Mark Barford, CAE MARKETS I 34 PalletCentral • September-October 2016

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