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34 PalletCentral • November-December 2016 hile video marketing is already on the radar of most pallet manufacturers, recent indications are that the medium will continue to explosively transform the Web for years to come. Video-based social media start-up Instagram, for example – a mere blip on the Web's radar a few years ago – is now boasting 500 million users. Snapchat, another video-centered social media network is growing nearly as ferociously. And YouTube – the online video king – cruises along these days at more than a billion users. Plus, YouTube is reaching more 18-49-year olds than any cable TV network in the U.S., according to the company's stats page ( Pallet manufacturer Fox Valley Wood Products has caught the bug and is using video to recruit via YouTube. Viking Engineering & Development features several companies in marketing videos including Battle Lumber Company, Berry Pallets, Perry Pallet, Challenger Pallet and Valley Pallet. "Video marketing continues to become a very important part of delivering our message," says Lindsey Shean, sales manager at Valley Pallet. "I think that video is vital to tell the story of our company and shows who we are," Shean says. "We've moved into the digital age, so it is important to be able to reach that target audience using tools like web video and social media." Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, agrees: "We're at the beginning of a golden age of online video." Currently, 55% of consumers watch at least one video-per-week on a mobile device, according to a 2015 Animoto study. Forty-eight percent of millennials are viewing videos exclusively on mobile, according to the study. But perhaps most telling is a prediction from market researcher eMarketer: By 2017, businesses will for the first time spend more advertising dollars on digital advertising – approximately $77.4 billion – than on TV advertising. Fortunately, pallet manufacturers looking to cash-in on the seemingly insatiable appetite for video on the Web have a cornucopia of tools they can use to put together marketing videos of all types further examined in this article. YouTubeDirector Released this past summer, YouTubeDirector is a suite of easy-to-use tools specifically designed for small businesses looking to make quick marketing videos from their smartphones. "We know that creating a video ad can be challenging," says Max Goldman, product manager, YouTube Director. "To make it easier for every business to get started with advertising on YouTube, we're launching YouTube Director." The suite's core product is a downloadable app featuring commonly used templates for video ads, which a business owner can use to quickly populate with his or her own video content. W Video Marketing: Now, Too Easy and Inexpensive to Ignore Business Blog by Joe Dysart MARKETING Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet – the parent company of YouTube – regu- larly sees 1 billion users visiting his video-sharing site. Photos provided by

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