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12 PalletCentral • March-April 2019 FAQS FOR PALLETS & CRATES Food & Pharma Safety in the Supply Chain Network rotecting the supply chain from contamination has never been more crucial than it is today, especially for handling food and pharmaceuticals. With government regulations on the rise, rules such as FDA's 2016 Final Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food, require pallet suppliers to ensure food and pharma can be transported safely on pallets or crates. Last year's romaine lettuce recall following the E. coli outbreak should remind all suppliers of the food supply chain network to remain diligent of their responsibilities that food safety is not compromised during transportation. A wooden pallet was not the cause of the outbreak, however they are considered "transportation equipment" under the Final Rule. Therefore, pallet suppliers have an obligation to ensure that pallets are designed and maintained so that they are suitable and adequately cleanable as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The NWPCA supports policies and regulations regarding food and pharma safety, and work to ensure that wood packaging remains part of the supply chain network. The following FAQs were compiled by NWPCA, with assistance from the Polsinelli law firm, on various treatments for wood packaging. Additional questions for pallet manufacturers on the Final Rule are also compiled at If you have other questions on pallet treatments related to the food and pharma supply chain, contact NWPCA's Director of Science & Technology Integration, Dr. Brad Gething ( 703-519-6104. P Illustration: Domnikova. Photos

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