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12 PalletCentral • July-August 2023 Vecoplan: Innovative Pallet & Container Scrap Solutions V ecoplan, a world leader in size reduction and material handling systems, is the industry's first choice for solutions that address pallet scrap needs. For over 50 years, Vecoplan has served the primary and secondary wood markets with installations in over 120 countries, leading the way in innovation, quality, and performance. Vecoplan designed the VPC 1600 - VHZ 1600 combination specifically for the size reduction of large or bulky wood waste materials such as pallets, crates, CNC skeletons, and shipping dunnage. is powerful combination creates an industry-first, two-stage size reduction solution that provides the highest throughput, lowest power consumption, and smallest footprint. With capacities exceeding 6 tons per hour, Vecoplan's VPC 1600 – VHZ Supporting the Mission A WORD FROM OUR Season Sponsors N WPCA's Season Sponsors are not only generous with their year-round support, they also provide essential services and supplies to the wood packaging industry. We applaud and recognize them for their hard work and commitment to the industry. is year we invited our season sponsors to share a "word" that is meaningful to them – their operations, their people, their products and what they're planning for the future. Here, we introduce two of them (see page 6 for the full list). For more information about sponsorships, contact our Sr. Director of Business Partnerships, Mark Barford ( 1600 combo offers a low HP, electric drive, and maintenance-friendly alternative to traditional diesel- powered grinders. Pallet manufacturers, distribution centers, and logistics providers now have a pallet and pallet scrap solution that isn't a loud, dusty, potentially dangerous, and costly Facility Manager's headache. Vecoplan also builds a wide range of vertical grinders that exceed the demands of the most challenging applications. e VHZ, VAZ, VIZ, and VNZ series of vertical feed grinders offer multiple rotor configurations, drivetrain options, screen sizes, and other unique innovations that can process any wood waste into a revenue stream instead of a constantly increasing cost. e VTH range of horizontal feed grinders and drum chippers offer a robust size-reduction solution for sawmills, flooring plants, architectural millwork shops, or any manufacturer generating large amounts of linear waste. e VTH line makes short work of all types of lineal waste produced by straight-lines, gang- rips, panel saws, and similar. Vecoplan is committed to excellence at every step. With unmatched innovation, experience, and attention to detail backed by unrivaled service and support, Vecoplan is the first choice for a trustworthy, turnkey, solution to your wood waste problems.

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