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Page 34 of 47 PalletCentral • September-October 2015 35 C olorado played host last year to the first-in-nation and largest Upcycling Festival, called PalletFest. The event was even larger this year. From August 29-30, the Sculpture Park in the Denver Performing Arts Complex swarmed with people excited about pallets. The organizer's goal was to answer the question "Why Pallets?" We asked the organizer Kenny Fischer more about the event. "The chances are everything you own, everything in your work space, and just about everywhere you shop—all of it has been shipped on the humble wooden pallet." Too many go to waste, he continued, "So we thought— why not make a wine rack out of them? Or a table? Or a house. What most would consider trash has been 'upcycled' and put on display to remind us of the world of possibilities, including the humble wood pallet." James Ruder, L&R Pallet Service, Inc., and an NWPCA past- Board Chair, provided the pallets for the two-day event. "We were pleased to support PalletFest 2015 as it highlighted the recyclability of wooden pallets and expanded environmental awareness, in a very fun, unique venue." In addition to all the food trucks and beer, local art and artists, and live music, the event created a tangible way for thousands of people to interact with wooden pallets. Seeing the great success again reminds me of the words Ed Brindley used in 2014 when covering the event. Those words still hold true: "As people get exposed to the many innovative things that can be done with wood and wooden pallets, our industry will benefit from the positive exposure. Our readers are aware of how important pallets are to our society, but much of the society still looks at me funny when I mention that I publish a wooden pallet magazine. This is a good opportunity to put forward all the positives about the wooden pallet industry." PC PalletFest Celebration Grows Images courtesy of PalletFest

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