January-February 2016

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42 PalletCentral • January-February 2016 n this issue of PalletCentral we caught up with industry leaders and collected their comments on successes and challenges related to the design and construction of wooden pallets. We then asked some thought provoking questions specific to using the Pallet Design System™ and how this software engineering tool solved a customer's challenge, and share an observation on how PDS surprised even its users. Chuck Burke, President / GM, SMI Co Pallets & Sawmill So how did PDS help us solve a customer's challenge? We had a customer put in a new pallet dispensing system where two chain rails ended up between the pallet's stringers. Through the use of PDS, adding an inset on the stringers made the new pallet design work for their new dispensing system. We have one very large customer that will now use us for all of their new pallet designs just because of our PDS software. My customers love the pallet damage rate analysis portion of PDS. We have many times showed customers that they can save money upfront by reducing lumber thickness, but since they receive more than 50% of their pallets returned to them for reuse, in the long run, the weaker pallet will cost them more money. John Heller, President, H & S Forest Products Inc. In helping to design pallets over the past the past 41 years, PDS has changed from guessing with trial and error, to providing a specification(s) that takes much of the design liability from the customer and pallet supplier to provide a customer/ buyer documented support for their decision to helping reduce the pallet design liability. It adds another level of professionalism to the sales process. It also helps to prevent an over-design or under-design pallet, assuring the customer has the best design vs. value. As with any tool, proper understanding and training of the PDS software input is critical for the most reliable outcome. The better the detailed data input, the more reliable the outcome. PDS has become such a valuable tool for our company – and ultimately, for our customers. Al Longman, President, Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc. We have used the PDS software as a pivotal tool both internally and externally. We use PDS to confirm exact specifications of the pallet and/or skid that our customers desire prior to instituting a supply program. Furthermore, PCE uses the software to explore other options for its customers. For instance, our customer may be able to save on their material costs by switching from new lumber to recycled lumber, or the customer may choose to alter the thickness of the pallet to enact such savings. The Pallet Design System™ software allows us to show our customers the difference in durability that each pallet has to offer, so they can make an educated, informed decision. PDS has also enabled our company to offer its international customers a uniform standard for pallet specifications. We have many international affiliates of our customers asking us to convert their specifications into PDS formatting. This assists with the customer's organizational structure, and also helps us show our value to current and prospective customers in the pallet industry. Industry Thought Leaders Find Customer Solutions with The Pallet Design System™ I

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