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Typical GMA 38 PalletCentral • May-June 2016 efore we dig in, a brief disclaimer. This comparison focuses solely on the effect of pallet design on pallet strength. Pallet stiffness and durability are very important considerations when designing wood pallets, but for this example, we've chosen to exclude these considerations in order to emphasize pallet strength. Also, we've done this example considering a generic load which qualifies as a "Flexible Uniformly Distributed Load" and therefore did not attempt to change the number of deckboards or placement. In a "real life" example, these would be important considerations to ensure that the load is properly supported by the pallet. With these considerations in mind, the following is a comparison between a "Typical GMA" and a "Lean GMA" stringer pallet design. What to Look For When Designing a Pallet for Efficient Material Usage B Lean GMA

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