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14 PalletCentral • May-June 2023 Smith Sawmill Service: Providing Cutting-Edge Solutions A cquired by BID Group in 2022, Smith Sawmill Service stands as a trusted leader in the wood industry for over 30 years, dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of sawmills, pallet manufacturers, chip mills, paper mills, and beyond. We excel in providing comprehensive solutions for your sawmill operations, filing room management, saw repairs, and lumber equipment needs. We boast an expansive product inventory tailored specifically to cater to the diverse demands of our customers, design cutting tools, and currently hold five patents in the sawmill business. Smith Sawmill Service entered the narrow, thin-kerf band- saw blade market in 1996. Supporting the Mission A WORD FROM OUR Season Sponsors N WPCA's Season Sponsors are not only generous with their year-round support, they also provide essential services and supplies to the wood packaging industry. We applaud and recognize them for their hard work and commitment to the industry. is year we invited our season sponsors to share a "word" that is meaningful to them – their operations, their people, their products and what they're planning for the future. Here, we introduce two of them (see page 6 for the full list). For more information about sponsorships, contact our Sr. Director of Business Partnerships, Mark Barford ( In the meantime, we hope you find inspiration from these two industry leaders. Look for more Season Sponsor stories in future issues of PalletCentral. Since then, the company has become one of the country's largest suppliers of welded narrow bandsaw blades, supplying both the sawmill and pallet industries by producing more than 1,200 thin-kerf narrow bandsaw blades per day. When the initial production of bandsaw blades began, they used blade coil stock manufactured by Lenox but have since forged a very successful relationship with Wood-Mizer. Smith's applied knowledge and expertise in wide and narrow bandsaw blade markets helped to improve some of the manufacturing characteristics of coil stock material, thereby increasing the quality of the material and making blade stock that cuts better and lasts longer. Most of Smith's blade stock is produced by Wood-Mizer, and most of the blades cut and welded are 1 inch, 1-1/4", and 2" wide blades. In addition to wood-cutting blades, the company produces blades used in pallet recycling operations for dismantling pallets. At Smith Sawmill Service, we take great pride in equipping our valued customers with the cutting tools, machinery, and expertise required to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to deliver tomorrow's solutions today, achieving optimal efficiency and productivity at the lowest possible cost. We place a strong emphasis on personalized customer

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